20 November, 2015

♡ Style Icons Closet ♡

Style Icons Closet is a wonderful UK based vintage inspired clothing company which I am delighted to collaberating with. Created by sisters Sisi & Mimi, the designers hand-make all their clothing line and offer an old school and very customer focused approach with every item you purchase. All their beautiful designs can be made to measure, tailored to fit perfectly to suit any figure or bought ready-to-wear from their website. This is just on of the many endearing aspects of this highly successful brand. Style Icons Closet describe their clothing as "chic vintage style with a modern twist", that's exactly what they deliver. Taking signature vintage pieces like the sweetheart neck bodice but add an unique and up-to-date twist on this classic retro design by using bold African tribal prints creating an edgier, more urban feel which is really fashion forward approach to vintage design.

It's really refreshing to see the designers adding something different as there are so many well established brands producing a lot of the same items within their collections which can be boring and unimaginative. Instead they are creating their own niche with the adage of contemporary fabrics and ethnic prints. As production is relatively small, the stock is normally limited which makes your purchase a little bit extra special as you won't find many others with the same item which in an era of mass production is becoming a rarity. Each piece is very reasonably priced for such beautifully crafted handmade product, producing so many different items is truly amazing and one of the many reasons I adore the brand.

Along with clothing, they also sell retro style accessories including beautiful retro style scarfs, cat eye sunglasses, cute belts and jewelry to match their clothing line. I adore accessorizing a scarf as they are so versatile,  whether you simply tie around your neck which makes any look instantly chic or as a headscarf it's worth investing, their range are really beautiful with lush floral prints and deep shades they're really striking. 

The fabrics, prints and designs work wonderfully for all sizes, skin tones whether you are into retro style or not doesn't matter as the dresses, tops, skirts and other pieces they sell come in many different lengths and styles depending on your preference, age or size; they've all bases covered!

Here's a few quick shots taken while taking an autumn stroll in the park, my favourite season for visiting wood areas, I adore trees and being amongst nature. Autumn/winter doesn't mean you have to hang up pretty dresses, just layer up ladies! I'll be showing more winter style inspiration in the coming weeks featuring Style Icons Closet. The below dress I'm wearing is ideal for all seasons, lets face it, polkadots are always cute! I like to pair full circle skirts with a petticoat underneath, it gives extra umph and fullness to create the perfect vintage inspired look. There's so much material with their circles skirts that you won't be able to stop twirling! ( I couldn't!!) You can find out the rest of their collection at their official website www.styleiconscloset.com, ASOS Marketplace and on Esty . Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to visit, like, tag and share The Chic Guide on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+ and Twitter. 

Lots of love,
The Chic Guide

31 October, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Shoot on location at Glasgow Necropolis featuring Lindy Bop.
Photography Kaizi Photography. Styling, hair and make-up by me.
Shoot on location at Glasgow Necropolis featuring Banned Apparel.
Photography Kaizi Photography. Styling, hair and make-up by me
Shoot on location at Glasgow Necropolis featuring Lindy Bop
Photography Kaizi Photography. Styling, hair and make-up by me.
Shoot on location at Glasgow Necropolis.
Photography Kaizi Photography. Styling, hair and make-up by me.

23 October, 2015

☆ ☆ Glamour Ghoul Series ☆ ☆

Black hair, porcelain white foundation and the perfect winged liner. From as far back as I can remember I've always had a fascination and admiration for gothic glamour. It always appealed to me, had more depth, character and intrigue than other ideals of beauty. Retro horror, b-movies and television was the golden age of the macabre. Stunning beauty of Yvonne De Carlo as Lily Munster to Vampira's iconic look, the leading were the definition of femininity and gothic glamour. I want to celebrate the style, glamour and beauty of retro horror heroines. They are and always will the ultimate glamour ghouls! ♡

Yvonne De Carlo as Lily Munster from 'The Munsters'

The Munsters was hugely successful tv show from the 1960's starring Yvonne De Carlo as Lily Munster (as shown above). The show depicts the life of the family of monsters Herman Munster who is Frankenstein and Lily's husband who is a vampire as is Grandpa and her son Eddie! Not forgetting Marilyn Munster who is the only 'non monster' in the house! I've always adored Lily's iconic look; the clothes, hair and makeup will never be surpassed. If you've never watched 'The Munsters' before do this halloween and you'll fall in love with this cult classic too. 

Elsa Lanchaster starring as The Bride of Frankenstein

The Bride of Frankenstien is one of my favourite Universal Horror movies and stars the beautiful Elsa Lanchaster as monsters bride. The 1935 classic is the sequel to the hugely successful Frankenstein movie made in 1931 but this time around the Dr. Henry Frankenstein creates a female mate for the lonely monster which he gave life to. This is an absolute must see for classic horror fans or retro movie lovers. Elsa Lanchaster's look as 'The Bride of Frankenstein' in the film has cultivated an enormous following with millions recreating the hair and makeup for halloween. In recent years MAC brought out the Rick Baker line of makeup based upon her iconic look featuring one of my favourite modern pinup ladies, Micheline Pitt who was the perfect choice for recreating the look.

Morticia Addams of The Addams Family

Carolyn Jones starred in the Addams Family TV show which began in 1964 the same year as The Munsters.  Her long black hair, porcelain skin and all gothic style is one of my favourites. Moritica Addams is the ultra glamourous, sophisticated and perfectly polished matriarch of the family. I idolised her look when I was younger, dressing up as her character many halloweens! I love the shows macabre aesthetic it's always appealed to me. Who would want to look like Morticia at least once...! I enjoyed the later movies costumes, Angelica Houston was perfect casting. She portrays Morticia wonderfully and looks utterly amazing in the remakes; they are worth watching for some childhood nostalgia if nothing else!

Vampira, Classic B Movie Star

The Arched brows, jet black hair, minuscule waist, dressed head to toe in black . Vampira's look is unmistakable. The ultimate glamour ghoul who gave meaning to the phrase, she reigns supreme as the queen of gothic glamour. The Vampira show began in 1954 which ran until 1955 until its cancellation. The show proved successful with Vampira going on to star in many other roles as her famed character and retaining all rights to the persona she created. She was such a unique and defining figure within fashion, music, film and a creature of her own design which makes her all the more appealing. Fearless and fashion forward, Vampira's look is so iconic, glamourous and chic. I personally adore her look, and her movies from the height of her fame. I recommend you check out the classic Plan 9 from Outer Space, it's a b movie classic and great for halloween! ♡

10 October, 2015

The Black Wardrobe

If like me you have a serious penchant for dark gothic vintage style clothing, then The Black Wardrobe is the store for you! The designer Nora Benhayyi influences are a mixture of Gothic Romance and Film Noir, both of which I adore. I came across this store while browsing on the internet and instantly fell in love with it, what girl can resist the darkside...? 

The Black Wardrobe aim - to focus on the sensuality of the female form; inspired by femme fatals of the 1930's, 40's and 50's which creates a store that exudes seduction, allure, chicness... and we all want a piece of that! Every piece is hand-crafted and carefully selected in order to ensure that the quality, cut and fit is always perfect. 

All the dresses, skirts, tops and accessories are beautiful vintage style, very dark and gothic, sexy film noir gothic. Each piece is designed to ignite your inner femme fatal, from the stunning siren lace gown to the retro pin-up tailored dresses, each truly stunning. Here are some of my favourites but be sure to check out this store as there are so many more dark delights waiting....! Click on The Black Wardrobe to shop online or find your nearest stockist.

28 September, 2015

Winter Chic - Faux Fur

Top Vintage Faux Fur Collar and Muff Set

Practical, luxurious and the optimum of glamour - winter fashion is not be complete without faux fur! Whether you prefer to wear faux fur as an accent or accessory it will compliment any winter look perfectly; you'll be instantly feel like vintage vixen! Faux fur collars are a staple in my winter wardrobe especially when the weather gets very chilly. I have a couple of different colours which I pair with suits, coats, cardigans, dresses and jumpers to create a more authentic and luxurious vintage inspired winter look. Oh and not forgetting of course to top off your look with some red lipstick and you're ready for any occassion! 

There's a multitude of stores selling vintage and reproduction pieces, from faux furs coats, stoles, collars, cardigans, accessories, winter boots and handbags it's easy to find the perfect faux fur piece to suit your look for this winter. I gathered some of my favourite accessories, coats, cardigans, collars, stoles and shoes and where to purchase them. For some of the very best collections visit CollectifTopshop, Pin-Up Girl ClothingRetro VixensRevival Retro, Puttin on the Ritz, Top VintageVoodoo Vixen, Mod Cloth, Miss L Fire, New LookFabulous Furs, Esty, Steady Clothing, Beyond Retro, Rokit London and Faux UKHave a great week! 

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Miss Selfridge's Faux Fur Cardigan

 Revival's Faux Fox Fur Stole

Collectif's 'Pearl' Faux Fur Trimmed Coat
Voodoo Vixen's Faux Fur Cardigan
Miss L Fire Faux Fur Trimmed Winter Boots

15 September, 2015

Cast a Dark Shadow

Shot on location in the hauting setting, Glasgow Necropolis; featuring the wonderful retro inspired Lindy Bop and Banned Apparel. A more mournful yet utterly breathtaking expansive space, the beauty of the surroundings is like nowhere else in Glasgow. All photos taken by Kaizi Photography, styling, hair and makeup by me. ♡

08 September, 2015

Winter Wishlist...!

Marilyn Brooch from Erstwilder.com
Miss Selfridge faux fur cardigan
As September is now upon us (summer is fading fast!) autumn will soon be creeping which got me thinking about my winter wardrobe. I've been checking out the new season collections on the high street and online in time to get saving/shopping! This winter I want to add some classic pieces to my wardrobe, more vintage and stock up accessories. Here's my picks and hopefully it may give you some style inspiration for the colder months to come! I just adore Erstwilder I want to start collecting their beautiful brooches; I'm slightly obsessed with them to be honest! I want is the Marilyn Brooch, it's such a pretty pin-up lady with her red parasol. This was an obvious first choice! There are loads of other wonderful pieces within their collections from cats to pancake stacks and even better Erstwilder have just launched their very own website you can buy direct from their website. I really want to add some nice vintage cardigans and cosy jumpers for new pretty accessories to rest upon! This year Miss Selfridge have created another wonderful range of vintage inspired knitwear and I want this black cardigan. It's ultra chic and suitably large faux fur collar which I adore, it adds an extra bit of vintage style glamour to those dark winter days! 

Forever 21 Faux Leather Midi Cirle Skirt
Collectif Beau Cherry Jumper
I've been lusting after faux leather skirt for so long now and I popped into Forever 21 the other day only to find the perfect leather faux leather black midi from their Autumn/Winter line. It's exactly what I've been looking for, I love when that happens! This skirt is the ideal mix of retro inspired as it's a midi circle skirt but the leather look gives it a sassy, glam and more fashion foward finish. Whilst I absolutely love to wear vintage inspired looks sometimes it's refreshing to twist the old with the new and change up your look, be a little daring. After all, fashion should be fun! I've been after this type of skirt for ages so this is going on my to buy list. Its available from their website. I have to admit in recent years I've overlooked the humble jumper but this winter I want to wear. They are perfect for creating an authentic vintage look and perfect for layering in the colder months. With that in mind I have been on the hunt for some pretty vintage style jumpers. I am avid fan of Collectif who consistently design beautiful vintage inspired clothing and knitwear each season some of their Autumn/Winter Collection online which I have been drooling over! I was really taken with this beautiful red jumper which has an adorable cherry pattern knitted design with a tie front. This would look great for dressy or casual look this winter, the colour is such a lux shade of red, perfect for an all black ensemble and deep red lips. I'm excited about winter this year!

Trashy Diva Cheetah print beret  
Pinup Girl Clothing Wizard of Oz Clutch
To finish off any winter look you need a good hat to complete your look. This ultra chic cheetah print beret would work wonderfully with any of the pieces on my wish list I've chosen and with my new winter coat which will feature on The Chic Guide in the coming weeks as part of fashion featues from a recent shoot with Kaizi Photography. I found this super cute beret from Trashy Diva. I adore berets, they never go out of style and I hate buying anything that is bang on trend as I prefer to get pieces have I can have for years and this little cheetah print number will go with everything for winter and beyond as with any of these pieces..!   I was unbelievably excited to find this Wizard of Oz clutch. As one of my old time favourite films ever, this is a dream bag come true. Perfect for Autumn evening out or a fancy lunch! I found this dream clutch on Pinup Girl Clothing while lusting over all the gorgeous clothes, shoes and accessories. They have so many lovely handbags but 'The Wizard of Oz' is the perfect bag, not what I was initially looking for but equally one of best finds and top of my wish-list!  

There will be lots more winter fashion inspiration over the coming months! Coming next I'll be featuring my recent shoot with Lindy Bop, Banned Apparel and more...from the most beautiful location- Glasgow Necropolis! A little winter and pre halloween homage to my favourite season! Visit The Chic Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+ for all the latest news, fashion and chic style. ♡

26 August, 2015

☆ Kitsch Kaos! ☆

The perfect blend of cute and quirky, Kitsch Kaos combines bold textures, prints and pieces of jewellery to create truly unique handmade custom pieces all beautifully crafted by the talented Sophie Henderson, owner and chief designer of the successful brand. Working from her studio is the North of England, as Sophie's unique skills began to gain recognition and her designs grew in popularity so much so that she began selling to local and national stores. The Kitsch Koas brand has gone from strength to strength in recent years with many famous fans of the modeling and pin-up world sporting the brand.

'In Bloom'
The collections bold, fun, creative with classic design and detailing. Fascinators, handbags, necklaces, rings, earrings, hair accessories, homeware and other delights; statement pieces are their speciality. Red red lipstick necklaces, jammie dodger necklaces, bone hair flips, giant polka dot hair bows... I love it! Some of my favourite collections are 'In Bloom', 'Perspex Polly' and 'Bow Tied'.

'In Bloom' which features beautiful floral pieces inspired by the beauty of nature and the opulent colours of summer. I adore 'Valentine Rose' hair flowers, 'Ring of Roses' ring, 'Paws for thought' fascinator  and 'Double Trouble' earrings. All come in a variety of different colours which is excellent if your looking for a specific accessory to match. I simply adore the variety of hair accessories, I can't get enough of hair flowers! Beautifully handcrafted in beautiful colours to complement your wardrobe.

'Bow Tied'
'Bow Tied' contrasts the sweet and the sassy with ribbons and bows! From the risqué 'Barbie' fascinator black birdcage fascinator with large PVC bow to the super cute bow ring to match the sassy head wear! I'm in love with the giant pink bow necklace from the collection as well. It's the perfect adage to any look, definitely one I want in my wardrobe as an avid wearer of black in the winter this will brighten things up! Along with the fabulous head wear, I'm really excited to gather some of these pieces to add to my collection of hair accessories. 

'Perspex Polly'
'Perspex Polly' has some of my favourite jewellery with Kitsch Kaos' line. The red lipstick necklace is killing me, I definitely getting this piece. It's perfect for adding an extra bit of glamour and fun to an all black look. I need this for winter, I'd advise you to stock up too on this killer necklace. The compact necklace within this line is another fun kitsch piece that is too cute for words in perfect powder pink! Pictured are some of the other super cute jewellery with the collection.

I hope enjoy my top picks and you'll visit Kitsch Koas! Don't forget to mention where you came across their site! If you want to keep to up with all the very latest from The Chic Guide visit Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+ and don't forget to follow! Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend lovelies!

19 August, 2015

♡♥♡ 5 steps to create vintage pin curl styles ♡♥♡

All you'll need for retro pin-curl style!
Pin curls are an excellent way to create quick retro inspired styles, I wanted to share with you how I created my look. By doing some simple the prep the night before or hours before you need to go out, you can just style by brushing out your curls - yes, it's that easy! You can create a quick retro inspired hairstyle by using your curling tong and pinning the curls while warm and leaving them to cool. If you have more time the night before using pin curl clips set your hair and sleeping over night while your curls develop. 

1. The basics!

Try and source the following before you begin to create pin curl based vintage inspired hair style:

Kirby grips 
Pin curl clips 
Curling Tongs
Hair Mousse or setting lotion
Large Scarf - big enough to tie on your head over curls!
Hair Oil 
Round brush 
Tooth comb

2. Setting your hair:

For pin curling it's best that your hair is dry but if your hair is wet then before you dry your hair use a setting lotion or mousse to aid curling, styling and help fight the frizz! If your hair is dry use mousse or hair spray before setting your curls to tame frizz and help to set the curls. Don't miss the step if possible as it really makes a difference to the finished look!

3. Begin pin curling:

Setting pin curls for overnight  

Now that your hair has been prepared, you can now begin pin curling! Using a tooth comb, take a small section of hair and roll your around in a circle until you reach your scalp lay this section flat on your head and simply pin it down securely in place. Simply repeat this process on your whole head. It doesn't matter the direction for a more relaxed style so don't worry about that for now that is for more advanced techniques. Ensure clips are securely set otherwise overnight they may fall out and all your hair won't set fully. It's happened to me in the past and it's so annoying!  Once your happy that all curls have been set and secure your ready to get your scarf on which also helps keeps your curls securely in place overnight so make sure to wear one!

Setting pin curls on the day

Using a curling tongs, making sure they have fully heated and be really careful not to burn yourself! Using your tooth comb take a small section of hair and curl in the tongs, realise the curl gently from the tongs roll the hair back up and clip to you your head securely  and repeat this process throughout until all has been curled and then pinned. Then leave the curls to cool and preferably leave in place for as long as possible as it allows more time for the curls to set. 

4. Brushing out

This is the part that most ladies find difficult and I have been frustrated with it in the past from checking out varying instructions. The best advice first off, when I'm using the term 'brushing out' it's not meant in the same manner in which you brush your hair, rather the round brush sculpt the curls so be gentle!  Secondly, remember what your hair type is like also when following advice from any tutorials, some methods work better than others so it will take practice as everyone is different. 

For the overnight set, this requires some extra brushing as it has had longer to set so you can mould in many different styles. Begin by taking out the pin curls clips very gently, trying not to disturb the curl. Once you've removed all of the clips, run your fingers gently though the curls, don't be to rough as at this stage you just want to separate the curls. If you wanted you could leave your hair as it super curly retro style and just add a kirby grip at the front for a classic vintage look. 

Depending on what style you want to create the longer you will need to spend brushing out. For sculpting your curls you'll use your brush laying your hair on back of you hand to brush in ends sculpting the curls inward . Your hair will naturally turn in quite easily, following this process. Don't forgot to use hairspray of your choice to ensure the style holds for as long as possible.

5. Styling your curls 
Hair flowers, scarves, bows, hairbands, clips or a nice hat will add the perfect finishing touch to your fancy vintage inspired hair! Hair accessories are a fantastic vintage inspired adage to pin curls styles for a sophisticated but fun look whichever you choose! Don't be afraid to experiment with accessories, I adore wearing hair flowers and bows, they can really finish off a look and brighten up your day! 

Till next time, happy styling!

How I like to style my hair once pin-purl styling is complete!

18 July, 2015

♡ Vintage florals and victorian gardens ♡

When I think of some of my favourite summer days, I always associated with being outdoors amongst nature. The smell of freshly cut grass, the glorious sight of all the beautiful flowers in bloom with all the beautiful colours, the sounds of wind blowing through the trees...it's a magical time when every seems so lush and full of life. Its an ideal time to really make the most of what nature has to offer and get inspired from all the magnificent beauty the summer brings. 

I recently visited the delightful victorian gardens at Pollock Park to shoot with Kirsty-Anne of Kaizi Photography. This was our very first collaboration and I'm very excited to share some of beautiful images she captured while we were there enjoying the summer gardens and the glorious sunshine. Here are some of the images from the shoot. I'm wearing one of favourite pretty floral vintage inspired dress I've had in my wardrobe for a very long time and I got it from a from Glorious in West End but I don't know the brand.  All hair, make-up and styling by me!

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28 June, 2015

Inspirational Temple Trip

Sorry for the lack of posts this month, things have been really busy and I've been working on getting some other projects, visiting home and life just gets in the way sometimes but what can you do...! I wanted to share my trip to beautiful Temple and Monastery, Samye Lings as it was so inspirational both aesthetically and personally. The colours, shrines, temple, gardens and the architecture were so beautiful. I want to create shoot influenced from everything I came across when I visited last month, it's truly an amazing gem tucked away in the countryside in Dumfries and Galloway. 

I would recommend anyone to visit and you'll want to go back. Having never been to Tibet or Asia it is so wonderful to experience the spirit of the that part of the world. The use of colour, design, architecture, art, sculpture was a visual feast it will stay with me and continue to inspire my future creative endeavors. I'm so happy to had the pleasure to visit, if you have the time take a trip there! Have a great week and don't forget to visit The Chic Guide on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and like, share and follow.

The cafe was so beautiful, so inspired by the beautiful colours, patterns and space
One of the many utterly beautiful statutes, shown in the brightly against the gray sky
The doors to the temple
From every angle it's mesmerising

One of the entrances...
The cafe
Pretty handmade crafts from Tibet, there were so many wonderful crafts and pieces
Offering the tree a helping hand
The herb garden was so lovely
The outside of the temple was awe inspiring
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