07 December, 2014

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06 December, 2014

♡ Femme Fatale - Winter Chic ♡

Dark, dangerous and alluring is what you want to create this winter! My inspiration for creating sultry seductress style is always a mix od modern and the vintage greats such as Dita Von TeeseMarlene Dietrich, Lauren Bacall and Bettie Page when recreating the look.  Ultimately, the key to any seductress look is of course  chicness, with the right amount of seduction. For me this has to include a great coat or trench, leather gloves, high heels, along with the perfect dress or skirt and top combo to create the look. 

Most importantly, wear what works better for your figure, if you're very slim or have an athletic physique use a waist belt to add curves with a dress or on your coat, trenches are great. If you already have plenty of curves belts are also great for emphasising and accentuating your waist. A chic pencil skirt and shirt combo looks fantastic too; whatever suits your figure best go for, wear what you feel most comfortable in and you’ll look fabulous and as long as it's teamed with the chic trench coat, heels, some leather gloves and red lippy, you’re ready to go!   

Primark/Penneys, Forever 21, H&M, New Look, TK Maxx, for those of you in the UK or Ireland have a fantastic range available to create seductress inspired budget pieces. If you're in the United States check out Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Target, H&M. I swear by shopping on eBay you can find loads of pieces at bargain prices and the choice is amazing too. For those of you like me who love to shop online, here are some recommendations of some really great stores for everything you'll need to create the perfect chic seductress look. 

For leather gloves check out: lightinthebox, eBay, Amazon, GreatLookz, Net-a-Porter, Esty, Forzieri and Leather Gloves Online they all have a great varities available from wrist to Opera length gloves. For the perfect classic trench or coat check out any of these stores: Deadly is the Female, Topshop, Burberry, Mocloth, eBay, Banana Republic, Lace Affair, Collectif, ASOS, Debenhams, Net-a-Porter, Warehouse, Nordstorm, Forever 21, Marks and Spencers and Esty. For the best heels, check out: Christian Louboutin, New Look, Pleaser USA, Banana Shoes, Elite Heels, Sinister Soles, Schuh, Office Shoes, Zara, Dorothy Perkins, Remix Vintage Shoes and Charlotte Olympia.

Some of the best beautifully fitted dresses, skirts, tops and shirts I've found are at: Pin Up Girl Clothing, Stop Staring, Deadly is the Female, Chic Star,  Blue Velvet Vintage, The Pretty Dress Company, Lady Jojo Boutique, Unique Vintage, Glamour Bunny, Net-a-Porter, Zara, Top Vintage, Emmy Designs, Bettie Page Clothing, Fashion Peep Shop, Red Dress Shoppe, Miss Mole and Collectif Clothing.  I'll be creating some vintage femme fatale/film nior looks to inspire you and hair and make-up to complete the look if you're in need of some inspiration for the party season plus where to buy all the products for gift/treat ideas. Until then, have a great week.   


The Chic Guide xp

04 December, 2014

02 December, 2014

♡ Posh Girl Vintage ♡

Looking for a holiday treat or need to find the perfect vintage party dress? Posh Girl Vintage is one of personal my all time favourite vintage stores online and once you visit you'll know why, it is like girly vintage heaven and that's not an exaggeration! A family owned company from Southern California, with the years of experience in vintage selling which has been passed down from three generations, Grandmother, Mother and Daughter team between them having worked within the fashion and entertainment industry since the 1950's so that a pretty impressive body of experience and an endearing story. Posh Girl Vintage was born out of the this love a vintage and their goal is to offer customers unique quality vintage clothing that's wearable and retails at fair price and you'll see this throughout their website. All the pieces are beautifully chosen reminiscent of the 'Golden age of Hollywood'. 

Audrey Hepburn or Elizabeth Taylor are stars that spring to mind wearing any of their beautiful dresses; it's like having a piece from the magical era! You can tell by the beauty of vintage pieces they source that they have a real passion for vintage clothing and pretty things! From vintage lingerie to some of the most beautiful vintage dresses I've seen anywhere else online; this online store is really remarkable. They have an amazing array clothing and accessories in ladies and menswear from little black dresses, day dresses, evening wear, wedding gowns, separates, handbags, shoes, lingerie and more with vintage pieces ranging from 1920's to 1970's. Prices ranging from anything between $140 to $500 which granted, is a bit more expensive than what you would normally to pay for a regular vintage item but do not be fooled, this is no ordinary collection! The price tag in my opinion is worth it, why, because the items are so classic and chic and the quality of every item is superior which is always important when buying vintage and they offer on of a kind pieces that even if never worn are collectors items so if you consider this than the price is minimal really and you can't put of price on such beauty anyway!

I enjoy even just to browsing the Posh Girl Vintage site, it's always a pleasure they always have such a beautiful collections in stock whether your looking for anything from a cute vintage sweater (I adore this one on the right!) or a cocktail dress you guarantee to find something that you want to buy; I always do! For anyone of you ladies that may be engaged or getting married check out Posh Girl Vintage's wedding dress collection, they have some truly beautiful one-of-a-kind vintage dresses and accessories at relatively reasonable prices compared to their modern day equivalents. You're guaranteed something beautiful, elegant and most importantly for any bride something classic; you'll want to look back on that special day in 50 years time and think damn I looked good and that the beauty of a timeless vintage dress! Don't forgot to visit me on FacebookPinterestTwitterTumblr and I'm now also on Istagram so please 'like and subscribe' for more for all the very latest 'Chic' news! 

Hugs and Kisses, 

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12 November, 2014

♡ Bettie Page ♡

Pinup, fetish model, style icon at the height of her fame disappeared never to model again. Shrudded in mystery, hearsay and myth, the real reasons as to why Bettie Page decided to vanish from public life will never be fully known. While her modelling career may have only lasted seven years, those years produced some of the most iconic images ever to be captured on camera, cementing her status as one of the greatest pinup of all time. With no prior experience or guidance of how to pose or model in front of the camera Bettie truly was her own creation; it very difficult in a single shot to protray what Bettie made look so effortless. A self styled natural in front of the camera, she made modelling look easy and fun "looking in very photo as if it were her first one" (Hugh Hefner). She protrayed a sweet innonence in her expressions with the perfect combination of sass in her look, hair, clothes and attitude will always be unparralled or just mere imitation. She is the rightfully deemed as the 'Queen of Pinups'; having no predecessors Bettie created her own narrative, played by her own rules, fearless yet unforboding. Her contibution to pinup and popular culture is not to be underestimated, with books, art, music, films, universities and fashion continually referencing her work, style and iconic image. Her popularity grows each year with more and more fans of all ages paying homage to her work, artistry and style. 

When Bettie began pin-up modeling it was a dangerous time to be so provocative; the 40s snd 50s while stylistically was undoubtly one of the finest in fashion this was not an era of equality and sexual libration, far from it. Women were meant to be the be cautious, demure, subservient most definetely not to be risqué, sassy or defiant! Her modelling work would have been highly frownned upon for being too sexualised, too suggestive for that time. It's what makes Betty so iconic not alone was challenging social norms and pushing the boundaries of conservative middle class America, she was did so without any concious thought, she was naturally defiant towards social and societal confinds at that time. As Bettie stated she wasn't "trying to change society, or be ahead of my time. I didn't of myself as liberated, and I don't believe that I did anything important. I was just myself".  This is what is so utterly captivating, and it translates in all her photos so was clearly enjoying herself and comfortable to be a risk-taker, bold and utterly confident in her own skin which is itself would stir resentment amongst those of a conserative nature and that is probably still the case for some people even in today's more liberal society.

Arts graduate Bettie studied her degree at Peabody College where she majored in English and minored in Social Sciences. She was planning to become a teacher but never took up a full-time post instead Bettie had aspirations of becoming an actress. After graduating and marriage breakdown she relocate many times but finally settled in New York. Having been heavily involved in drama within her high school and college years she wanted to wanted to persue a professional acting career and this was the place she make it. She worked in various different jobs to support herself but it was a chance meeting while she strolled on the beach in Coney Island that change Bettie life forever when ametur photographer Jerry Tibbs noticed the raven hair beauty and asked to photograph her which lead to her modelling for camera clubs an underground movement which was designed for photographers who were interested in erotica, fetish and glamour modelling which would have outrage in conserstive America at that time. Photography seasons in private homes were held by the 'camera clubs' in which Bettie modelled regulary; proving a photography favourite due to her unparalled beauty and ease in front of the camera.
Bettie didn't take herself too seriously and wasn't afraid of experimentation, pushing the boundaries art, fetish and sexual fantasy. She was instant hit amongst the fetish scene of the 1950's with her countless appearances in a wide variety of mens magazines at that time. Featuring in an array of front covers, centerfolds with Playboy having Bettie as Miss January, 1955. Hugh Hefner describing the pinup as having a "saucy innonence that is both comptemporary and provocative but also nostalgic". Dramatically at the height of her fame in '57 Bettie cut short her modeling career, never to return. After seven phenomenally success years featuring in more magazines even at that time than even the massively popular Marilyn Monroe, Bettie gave it all up-vanished from the eye without any warning. The exact reasons for her hesity departure are purely speculative, the government investigation into her involvement with the then supposed indecent images, camera club members and Iriving Klaw fetish photograhy business. She was called a witness to testify in front of the committee which at that time would caused her or anyone for that matter grave stress and strain which may have to lead to her deciding to slip away from everything to had thought she wanted. It's a very sad ending  to such a wonder career but Bettie never returned to modelling, acting or anything to do with her previous life. In the years that followed nothing was heard from Bettie, refusing to do interviews or even acknowledging that she was Bettie Page or that she knew who she was if asked. She wanted to be forgotten and throughout the 60's and 70's there was little attention given the dissapearence of the once popular pinup. 

With the resurgence of pinup back into popularculture in 1980s, with famous pinup artist Olivia De Berardinis creating iconic Bettie images in beautiful watercolours proving a popular muse for De Berardinis to this day. Bettie's iconic bangs and stiletto heels where becoming popular amongst the younger generation unbeknown to the icon who had no idea that of the resurgence of popularity in her pinup modelling days. She was eventually found by the media who wished to interview her but she would not appear on camera and instead wished to be remembered as she was at the height of her fame. Creating even more mystery and attention of then forgotten starlet. The pinup revival reach fever pitch with Dita Von Teese in the late 90's, early 2000's who is credited with bringing burlesque and retro style back into the main frame. Her own early look and career began similarly to Pages, modelling for various pinup and fetish catalogues, starring in fetish movie and performing burlesque shows to audiences in local strip clubs. Being the most widely known modern proponent Von Teese has helped in to bringing fetish and striptease back to the worlds stage, reigniting our love of pin-up, vintage, glamour, vaudeville and the theatrics of burlesque. Millions of women around the world are fans of her classic style and career including me. Her love inspired me to want to learn more about the art of pinup and of course if you learn nothing else the one person whom you will always stumble across when you read, google, watch anything to do with vintage pinup modelling is Bettie Page, she is after all the patron saint of the modern pinup lady! 

10 October, 2014

♡ Miss Mole ♡

If you don't already know Miss-Mole.de online store than this one website you'll want to visit. The German based online store is a treasure trove for every girl that loves a bit of retro in their life! Stocking everything from handbags, homeware, swimwear, jackets, dresses, trousers, playsuits, accessories and more... it's literally a one stop shop!  The only thing you won't find are shoes but you can forgive them on that count as literally they have everything else that you could possible need to create a super cute retro/pin-up inspired look! You have to start out with out lingerie and What Katie Did is always a favourite and Miss Mole stock their brand, modelled left by the stunning American pinup Ashletta who also works   in their US store. I'm going of track already but I had to share this girdle it's top of my wishlist for birthday/Christmas but back to Miss Mole!

Eternity dress €59.90
Housing many loved well known retro inspired brands such as Collectif Clothing, Miss Candyfloss, Miss Fortune, Banned Clothing, 20th Century Foxy, Glamour Bunny, Pinup Girl Clothing, What Katie Did to name a few! This is what first struck me when I found the store, the fact that there are so many wonderful brands I love in one place. Pages and pages of super cute clothing, I was instantly hooked! With the new new season arrived, it means lots of new autumn/winter collections online and I've already found lots of pretty things that I want. It's the perfect time to get some pretty pieces to add to your winter wardrobe, well that's my excuse anyway; party season is around the corner! I had to feature some of my favourites that I found that are currently available on their website which are definitely on my wishlist! I adore this beautiful rose print cocktail dress, perfect for a Christmas party or for cocktails. I love the sweetheart neck and the belted waist, it's so elegant. I have cocktails gloves that I would pair it with and some slingback heels .

Shonna Coat €119.90
Of course, to wear that beautiful dress, I'd need an equally beautiful coat and of course they have the one of my dreams...! This red coat with faux fur cuffs and collar, its ideal. The shape is perfect with the faux fur collar falling just above the waistline and then in nips in with the double buttons on the waist adding shape rather then that horrible shapeless box style which you see everywhere at the moment. It's perfect as it's not a straight cut which is essential for wearing a pretty dress for winter without looking the least bit frumpy! I'm in love with anything red lately and especially for winter; it's dull and dark enough throughout the season so you need to add some extra brightness and this coat it ticks all the right boxes, warm, glamourous and ultra chic. Anything with faux fur is a winner in my book and gives any look an instant vintage feel which is usually what I am for! There are many other beautiful coats on their website but this one was by far a favourite. I'm hoping Santa will be good this year and bring me this coat, I can just picture all the pretty things I could wear it with. It would look great with boots, a simple black dress, leather gloves and I'd maybe add a brooch on the front too just to add an extra touch of glamour!

Underbust Gridle €79.90
Of course no wishlist is complete nor retro look without beautiful lingerie. If you're going to wear a beautiful dress you should always try and wear the right underwear. Girdles and corsets do wonders for adding and emphasising curves and giving you perfect posture to look the picture of elegance! This lux girdle is from  What Katie Did which is a well estsblished UK vintage reproduction lingerie brand who produce beautiful undergarments which Miss Mole stock too! Modelled left by the stunning American pinup Ashletta who also works  in their US store and has amazing retro style. I love following all  the modern pinup ladies as a lover vintage inspired style! I'm going to be sharing lots more wishlist and gift inspiration in the coming weeks leading up to Christmas and I know it's not even past Halloween yet but it won't be long...!  You'll find Miss Mole online store clicking on the link below: http://www.missmole.de and you'll see what all the fuss is about!! Don't forgot you can check out all the latest news or style inspiration from The Chic Guide also on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and please comment, like and share! Thank you for stopping by to visit.


The Chic Guide  ♡♥♡

05 October, 2014

♡ Bernie Dexter Clothing ♡

Copyright Bernie and Levi Dexter
Internally renowned vintage designer, pin-up model and highly successful entrepreneur, Bernie Dexter has been the reigning queen of pin-up and cheesecake modeling for over a decade; her face synonymous with the vintage, pin-up, retro  lifestyle and culture. She been featured in countless websites, books, magazines and vintage and rockabilly events either modeling or her designs taking centre stage. With a Facebook following of over 200,0000 fans and counting clearly Bernie Dexter is more popular than ever. Forging an extremely successful design career creating beautiful retro inspired piece; Bernie Dexter makes the transition from successful pin-up to fashion designer effortless- this alone makes it's hard to not want to learn more about this wonderfully talented lady.

Copyright Bernie and Levi Dexter
Having previously modelled for many famous brands such as Bettie Page Clothing (now known as Tatyana)What Katie Did, Collectif Clothing, Miss L Fire, to name a few...Bernie had established herself one of the most well know pin-up models worldwide. The progression to design Bernie Dexter claimed was a lack of finding the perfect retro inspired clothing specifically jeans so what better way to obtain the ideal denim then design your own! Designing a few key retro inspired pieces - capri pants, sweaters, playsuits taking inspiration from her love of vintage clothing and rockabilly culture her designs proved an instant hit! Her now signature denim capri pants have proven so popular they're a consistant sell-out and for a reason - they're some of the best jeans around! (As shown right) What I love most is the flattering form fitting design with an extra high waisted to focus on the narrow part of your waist but also thankfully have lots of stretch - this lady knows how to make a women look good in jeans and casual wear; I consider these jeans a must have item!

Image from fuckyeahrockabilly.com
Married to renowned rockabilly singer Levi Dexter, Bernie has always been heavily immersed within 'vintage'- she and her husband both devoting their lifes to rockabilly music and culture. Long before she began modeling career or became known within the public eye Bernie was styled herself on the pin-ups of the past, sporting 'Bettie Bangs' for decades and dressing, studying the vintage fashion, rockabilly culture and music so it seems a nature progression that she would go on to some form of creative outlet already been so involved within all things vintage. Her designs fun, form-fitting with pin-up influences from the actresses and pin-up models from 40's and 50's but also have a modern egde by the fabric, designs and adding contemporary twists to classic favourites. The dresses within her clothing line being a prime example; the use of bold prints and quirky designs shows she is not afraid to make a statement and step out of purely producing vintage styles. An inspiration for anyone thinking of setting up their own business or who want to create their own line of clothing.

Copyright Bernie and Levi Dexter
I'm a massive fan and look forward to seeing what her new creations are season by season one of my favourite is  valley forest print (below,right) I adore the colour palette - the summer scene demands attention but honestly it's hard to narrow down as there are so many more equally pretty dresses within her collections! Modcloth, What Katie Did, MisKonduct, Deadly is the Female, Miss L Fire and many more well establish stores and retro inspired brands are now also stocking her designs. Her clothing line is definitely one not to be missed, while true to her own rockabilly style, the designs are consistently elegant yet playful with strong influences from the 40's and 50's with a mix of rockabilly, pin-up and contemporary fashion; so you dont have to an avid retro fan to wear her designs just have a love of form fitting, well cut clothing which is why I  love her designs; it's not just retro clothing nor for a size zero model or a vintage girl - her brand is accessible for everyday wear or any occasion. You can purchase any of Bernie Dexter's designs directly from her website at: www.berniedexter.com or from the many stores that now also stock her designs which are also listed on her website. 

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