20 November, 2015

♡ Style Icons Closet ♡

Style Icons Closet is a wonderful UK based vintage inspired clothing company which I am delighted to collaberating with. Created by sisters Sisi & Mimi, the designers hand-make all their clothing line and offer an old school and very customer focused approach with every item you purchase. All their beautiful designs can be made to measure, tailored to fit perfectly to suit any figure or bought ready-to-wear from their website. This is just on of the many endearing aspects of this highly successful brand. Style Icons Closet describe their clothing as "chic vintage style with a modern twist", that's exactly what they deliver. Taking signature vintage pieces like the sweetheart neck bodice but add an unique and up-to-date twist on this classic retro design by using bold African tribal prints creating an edgier, more urban feel which is really fashion forward approach to vintage design.

It's really refreshing to see the designers adding something different as there are so many well established brands producing a lot of the same items within their collections which can be boring and unimaginative. Instead they are creating their own niche with the adage of contemporary fabrics and ethnic prints. As production is relatively small, the stock is normally limited which makes your purchase a little bit extra special as you won't find many others with the same item which in an era of mass production is becoming a rarity. Each piece is very reasonably priced for such beautifully crafted handmade product, producing so many different items is truly amazing and one of the many reasons I adore the brand.

Along with clothing, they also sell retro style accessories including beautiful retro style scarfs, cat eye sunglasses, cute belts and jewelry to match their clothing line. I adore accessorizing a scarf as they are so versatile,  whether you simply tie around your neck which makes any look instantly chic or as a headscarf it's worth investing, their range are really beautiful with lush floral prints and deep shades they're really striking. 

The fabrics, prints and designs work wonderfully for all sizes, skin tones whether you are into retro style or not doesn't matter as the dresses, tops, skirts and other pieces they sell come in many different lengths and styles depending on your preference, age or size; they've all bases covered!

Here's a few quick shots taken while taking an autumn stroll in the park, my favourite season for visiting wood areas, I adore trees and being amongst nature. Autumn/winter doesn't mean you have to hang up pretty dresses, just layer up ladies! I'll be showing more winter style inspiration in the coming weeks featuring Style Icons Closet. The below dress I'm wearing is ideal for all seasons, lets face it, polkadots are always cute! I like to pair full circle skirts with a petticoat underneath, it gives extra umph and fullness to create the perfect vintage inspired look. There's so much material with their circles skirts that you won't be able to stop twirling! ( I couldn't!!) You can find out the rest of their collection at their official website www.styleiconscloset.com, ASOS Marketplace and on Esty . Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to visit, like, tag and share The Chic Guide on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+ and Twitter. 

Lots of love,
The Chic Guide

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