26 August, 2015

☆ Kitsch Kaos! ☆

The perfect blend of cute and quirky, Kitsch Kaos combines bold textures, prints and pieces of jewellery to create truly unique handmade custom pieces all beautifully crafted by the talented Sophie Henderson, owner and chief designer of the successful brand. Working from her studio is the North of England, as Sophie's unique skills began to gain recognition and her designs grew in popularity so much so that she began selling to local and national stores. The Kitsch Koas brand has gone from strength to strength in recent years with many famous fans of the modeling and pin-up world sporting the brand.

'In Bloom'
The collections bold, fun, creative with classic design and detailing. Fascinators, handbags, necklaces, rings, earrings, hair accessories, homeware and other delights; statement pieces are their speciality. Red red lipstick necklaces, jammie dodger necklaces, bone hair flips, giant polka dot hair bows... I love it! Some of my favourite collections are 'In Bloom', 'Perspex Polly' and 'Bow Tied'.

'In Bloom' which features beautiful floral pieces inspired by the beauty of nature and the opulent colours of summer. I adore 'Valentine Rose' hair flowers, 'Ring of Roses' ring, 'Paws for thought' fascinator  and 'Double Trouble' earrings. All come in a variety of different colours which is excellent if your looking for a specific accessory to match. I simply adore the variety of hair accessories, I can't get enough of hair flowers! Beautifully handcrafted in beautiful colours to complement your wardrobe.

'Bow Tied'
'Bow Tied' contrasts the sweet and the sassy with ribbons and bows! From the risqué 'Barbie' fascinator black birdcage fascinator with large PVC bow to the super cute bow ring to match the sassy head wear! I'm in love with the giant pink bow necklace from the collection as well. It's the perfect adage to any look, definitely one I want in my wardrobe as an avid wearer of black in the winter this will brighten things up! Along with the fabulous head wear, I'm really excited to gather some of these pieces to add to my collection of hair accessories. 

'Perspex Polly'
'Perspex Polly' has some of my favourite jewellery with Kitsch Kaos' line. The red lipstick necklace is killing me, I definitely getting this piece. It's perfect for adding an extra bit of glamour and fun to an all black look. I need this for winter, I'd advise you to stock up too on this killer necklace. The compact necklace within this line is another fun kitsch piece that is too cute for words in perfect powder pink! Pictured are some of the other super cute jewellery with the collection.

I hope enjoy my top picks and you'll visit Kitsch Koas! Don't forget to mention where you came across their site! If you want to keep to up with all the very latest from The Chic Guide visit Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+ and don't forget to follow! Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend lovelies!

19 August, 2015

♡♥♡ 5 steps to create vintage pin curl styles ♡♥♡

All you'll need for retro pin-curl style!
Pin curls are an excellent way to create quick retro inspired styles, I wanted to share with you how I created my look. By doing some simple the prep the night before or hours before you need to go out, you can just style by brushing out your curls - yes, it's that easy! You can create a quick retro inspired hairstyle by using your curling tong and pinning the curls while warm and leaving them to cool. If you have more time the night before using pin curl clips set your hair and sleeping over night while your curls develop. 

1. The basics!

Try and source the following before you begin to create pin curl based vintage inspired hair style:

Kirby grips 
Pin curl clips 
Curling Tongs
Hair Mousse or setting lotion
Large Scarf - big enough to tie on your head over curls!
Hair Oil 
Round brush 
Tooth comb

2. Setting your hair:

For pin curling it's best that your hair is dry but if your hair is wet then before you dry your hair use a setting lotion or mousse to aid curling, styling and help fight the frizz! If your hair is dry use mousse or hair spray before setting your curls to tame frizz and help to set the curls. Don't miss the step if possible as it really makes a difference to the finished look!

3. Begin pin curling:

Setting pin curls for overnight  

Now that your hair has been prepared, you can now begin pin curling! Using a tooth comb, take a small section of hair and roll your around in a circle until you reach your scalp lay this section flat on your head and simply pin it down securely in place. Simply repeat this process on your whole head. It doesn't matter the direction for a more relaxed style so don't worry about that for now that is for more advanced techniques. Ensure clips are securely set otherwise overnight they may fall out and all your hair won't set fully. It's happened to me in the past and it's so annoying!  Once your happy that all curls have been set and secure your ready to get your scarf on which also helps keeps your curls securely in place overnight so make sure to wear one!

Setting pin curls on the day

Using a curling tongs, making sure they have fully heated and be really careful not to burn yourself! Using your tooth comb take a small section of hair and curl in the tongs, realise the curl gently from the tongs roll the hair back up and clip to you your head securely  and repeat this process throughout until all has been curled and then pinned. Then leave the curls to cool and preferably leave in place for as long as possible as it allows more time for the curls to set. 

4. Brushing out

This is the part that most ladies find difficult and I have been frustrated with it in the past from checking out varying instructions. The best advice first off, when I'm using the term 'brushing out' it's not meant in the same manner in which you brush your hair, rather the round brush sculpt the curls so be gentle!  Secondly, remember what your hair type is like also when following advice from any tutorials, some methods work better than others so it will take practice as everyone is different. 

For the overnight set, this requires some extra brushing as it has had longer to set so you can mould in many different styles. Begin by taking out the pin curls clips very gently, trying not to disturb the curl. Once you've removed all of the clips, run your fingers gently though the curls, don't be to rough as at this stage you just want to separate the curls. If you wanted you could leave your hair as it super curly retro style and just add a kirby grip at the front for a classic vintage look. 

Depending on what style you want to create the longer you will need to spend brushing out. For sculpting your curls you'll use your brush laying your hair on back of you hand to brush in ends sculpting the curls inward . Your hair will naturally turn in quite easily, following this process. Don't forgot to use hairspray of your choice to ensure the style holds for as long as possible.

5. Styling your curls 
Hair flowers, scarves, bows, hairbands, clips or a nice hat will add the perfect finishing touch to your fancy vintage inspired hair! Hair accessories are a fantastic vintage inspired adage to pin curls styles for a sophisticated but fun look whichever you choose! Don't be afraid to experiment with accessories, I adore wearing hair flowers and bows, they can really finish off a look and brighten up your day! 

Till next time, happy styling!

How I like to style my hair once pin-purl styling is complete!

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