28 June, 2015

Inspirational Temple Trip

Sorry for the lack of posts this month, things have been really busy and I've been working on getting some other projects, visiting home and life just gets in the way sometimes but what can you do...! I wanted to share my trip to beautiful Temple and Monastery, Samye Lings as it was so inspirational both aesthetically and personally. The colours, shrines, temple, gardens and the architecture were so beautiful. I want to create shoot influenced from everything I came across when I visited last month, it's truly an amazing gem tucked away in the countryside in Dumfries and Galloway. 

I would recommend anyone to visit and you'll want to go back. Having never been to Tibet or Asia it is so wonderful to experience the spirit of the that part of the world. The use of colour, design, architecture, art, sculpture was a visual feast it will stay with me and continue to inspire my future creative endeavors. I'm so happy to had the pleasure to visit, if you have the time take a trip there! Have a great week and don't forget to visit The Chic Guide on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and like, share and follow.

The cafe was so beautiful, so inspired by the beautiful colours, patterns and space
One of the many utterly beautiful statutes, shown in the brightly against the gray sky
The doors to the temple
From every angle it's mesmerising

One of the entrances...
The cafe
Pretty handmade crafts from Tibet, there were so many wonderful crafts and pieces
Offering the tree a helping hand
The herb garden was so lovely
The outside of the temple was awe inspiring

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