26 August, 2015

☆ Kitsch Kaos! ☆

The perfect blend of cute and quirky, Kitsch Kaos combines bold textures, prints and pieces of jewellery to create truly unique handmade custom pieces all beautifully crafted by the talented Sophie Henderson, owner and chief designer of the successful brand. Working from her studio is the North of England, as Sophie's unique skills began to gain recognition and her designs grew in popularity so much so that she began selling to local and national stores. The Kitsch Koas brand has gone from strength to strength in recent years with many famous fans of the modeling and pin-up world sporting the brand.

'In Bloom'
The collections bold, fun, creative with classic design and detailing. Fascinators, handbags, necklaces, rings, earrings, hair accessories, homeware and other delights; statement pieces are their speciality. Red red lipstick necklaces, jammie dodger necklaces, bone hair flips, giant polka dot hair bows... I love it! Some of my favourite collections are 'In Bloom', 'Perspex Polly' and 'Bow Tied'.

'In Bloom' which features beautiful floral pieces inspired by the beauty of nature and the opulent colours of summer. I adore 'Valentine Rose' hair flowers, 'Ring of Roses' ring, 'Paws for thought' fascinator  and 'Double Trouble' earrings. All come in a variety of different colours which is excellent if your looking for a specific accessory to match. I simply adore the variety of hair accessories, I can't get enough of hair flowers! Beautifully handcrafted in beautiful colours to complement your wardrobe.

'Bow Tied'
'Bow Tied' contrasts the sweet and the sassy with ribbons and bows! From the risqué 'Barbie' fascinator black birdcage fascinator with large PVC bow to the super cute bow ring to match the sassy head wear! I'm in love with the giant pink bow necklace from the collection as well. It's the perfect adage to any look, definitely one I want in my wardrobe as an avid wearer of black in the winter this will brighten things up! Along with the fabulous head wear, I'm really excited to gather some of these pieces to add to my collection of hair accessories. 

'Perspex Polly'
'Perspex Polly' has some of my favourite jewellery with Kitsch Kaos' line. The red lipstick necklace is killing me, I definitely getting this piece. It's perfect for adding an extra bit of glamour and fun to an all black look. I need this for winter, I'd advise you to stock up too on this killer necklace. The compact necklace within this line is another fun kitsch piece that is too cute for words in perfect powder pink! Pictured are some of the other super cute jewellery with the collection.

I hope enjoy my top picks and you'll visit Kitsch Koas! Don't forget to mention where you came across their site! If you want to keep to up with all the very latest from The Chic Guide visit Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+ and don't forget to follow! Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend lovelies!

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