05 July, 2016

Thrifting Thrills!

I love to wear some something different everyday, no literally I can't wear the same outfit two days in a row. I've always been like that, sometimes changing two or three times a day when I was younger. It's not normal, certainly not cheap and my wardrobe is stuffed to the giles! I love to dress up, always have, always will but I have to be realistic about my budget and I hate spending ridiculous amounts on clothes which to a lot people probably appears contradictory. 'She loves to shop but doesn't like spending money...' it's true though, I only spend within my budget and get the occasional expensive item but mainly I'm a serial bargain and thrift hunter. I think it's this love of thrifty style that originally sparked my love of vintage fashion and the two go hand-in-hand! I'd always stumble upon unique and pretty vintage pieces compared with high street fashion that everyone else had.

Don't get me wrong, I do shop in the high street but I like to try and wear things less on trend and more timeless, as frankly, I couldn't care less what's 'in fashion'...it's boring!! The older I get the less I care, I don't try to avoid wearing 'on trend' looks, if I see something I like I'll wear it but certainly don't go buy by trends. I wear what I like and what I think looks good regardless, be it good or bad or downright awful!! It's much more freeing thinking and shopping this way. On trend usually equals high cost, so it's just not sustainable to keep spending, if you're like me and love dressing up differently everyday then thrift is the way to go!

There are tips and tricks I've found helpful when shopping second-hand. Visit regularly, it's not like shopping at a regular store the stock is ever changing so if you get to know some good local stores then pop in and go early in the morning so you'll get a better choice before the best is snapped up! Lots of people are realising the benefits of thrift shopping so prices have gone up in recent years so be sure that what your buying is actually a bargain and in great/good condition otherwise shop somewhere else, it's not worth it! Examine the item, the same as you would in any shop, think what it will work with in your wardrobe. Rummage round, spend a while looking around, gems are sometimes hidden, I often find cute vintage scarf’s or bag in bargain bins. People think it's junk but to me, it's a treasure! 

Do your research of brands, vintage styles or eras so that you don't pass up or miss out on a great find. I look up stuff online and think of how I can replicate the essence of that era, what pieces I need to recreate a certain look so I search for a specific piece then when I go shopping and it makes it really fun when you find it! It takes longer to hunt down the perfect piece but you always find them in the end...I had been searching for a black pillbox hat for ages and then randomly came across the perfect hat a year later for only £2.00! I love that about thrift shopping you never know what you'll find! 

My look is mostly thrifted, dress I got for €4 in Ireland which I guess is about maybe £3.25, shoes are also thrifted and were only 75p which I found a couple of weeks ago unworn in mint condition, tights and cardigan are from Primark totalling £5 and for accessories to finish I'm wearing this adorable strawberry which I picked up for £1. So my whole look comes to £9 and it's one of my favourites, anything with gingham I'm all over it! Hope this may inspire you to thrift more or realise that whatever your budget you can look ultra chic! I'll be sharing more looks on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so visit and follow for more thrifty treats!

All hair, make-up and styling me. All photos taken by Michael O'Brien (@michaelobrien22) 

23 June, 2016

Tiki Dreams...

The weather in has been amazing recently so I've been taking every opportunity to get and enjoy the sunshine and play about with my new camera! A couple of weekend ago me and my other half went for a walk and picnic to a beautiful local park to see the rhododendrons in full bloom and soak up the glorious sunshine. They are the most wondrous flowers to look at, each as something unique and enchanting to look at, no one plant or flower is the same. That day the sun was absolutely glorious with the rhodoendrons lining the drive with the most beauiful display of colours, those kind of days don't come around very often so we made the most of it, had a lovely picnic and even managed to take some pretty photo's too!

My look was inspired by vintage tiki style, which comes American genre of style and popculture kitsch of Polynesian origin...think Mai Tai cocktails, palm prints and tropical prints! I'm wore a vintage cotton H&M tiki print dress and hair-flowers. I've had this dress for over a decade and I still wear it and love, the print is so vivid and bright and it's really comfortable and cool on hot days. I don't often get much opportunity to sport such a tropical look living in Scotland but the weather has been amazing so I had to pull it back out of wardrobe for such unusually sunny weather! Here are some photo's from our walk, hope you'll enjoy! All photography is taken by +Michael O'Brien . Hair, make-up and styling by me. Thanks for stopping by and have a fantastic weekend lovelies ♡

13 June, 2016

Woodland Wonder

Recently did a shot with my multi talented friend, photograher and blogger of Stephosnacks. It was an absolutely glorious morning so we went to the local wood to shoot. I wore a vintage dress gifted to me, one of my favourite vintage dresses in my wardrobe, there's no label so I can't tell you the brand. The fabric of the dress is so light and soft, flows beautifully and twirls like a dream...the ideal dress to shot in! I paired it with a vintage hat, gloves and peep toe heels which are modern from New Look. It was such a fun experience to shot with a close friend, enjoy the beautiful woodlands and then we had a little picnic after! All photos are taken by Stephosnacks, hair, make-up and styling by me. Visit her blog for lots of gorgeous food, recipes, reviews and much more...! For more from the shot visit me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +. Next week, Tropical Paradise ♡

05 June, 2016

♡ Postcards from the garden ♡

All photo's were taken by Michael O'Brien (@michaelobrien22). Hair, styling and post shoot edit by me. Clothing featured: Dress by Ness Clothing, Belero and hair flowers by H&M, ballet pumps by New Look, Bumble Bee brooch by Primark. For more from The Chic Guide visit Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram. Don't forget to like, share and subscribe! Thanks for stopping by...
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