30 May, 2016

Freddies Of Pinewood

Freddies of Pinewood is an English based company specialising in 1940's - 1950's style denim but they now design have a wide selection of other retro inspired items including vintage mens and women's inspired tops, dresses, accessories, menswear, jackets and more. The Freddies of Pinewood designs stay very true to the original style of the denim worn in the 1940's and 50's which means they are all high waisted with a comfortable looser fit unlike the modern designs most of us are used to! 

The brand is extremely popular with retro enthusiasts, vintage lovers and women that like classic style but their not exclusive to a certain style design is can still be worn the fit and designs of Freddies denim jeans are far more flattering to any size when compared with the modern standard denim wear as they sit just above the waist rather than hanging on your hips so the jeans give you an instant curves and really do look very flattering as they fall on the narrow part of your waist. Instead the fit of the Freddies denim takes the focus away from your hips and accentuates your waist which will also instantly give you more of an hourglass shape and looks sexier which is always a plus! They're definitely worth checking out if you want something a little different than what's available from your average high street store or even if you're looking for casual wear with a more flattering vintage style fit. 

When I bought my first pair I instantly fell in love with the cut and the quality of the denim it's practically indestructible. It's so heavy which is fantastic as you're guaranteed to have them for years, so for me it's worth the investment! I want to get another pair; I love these the new fifties button up jeans that are new to their denim collection. Their clothes are ideal for the creating the perfect retro casual look without being too dramatic or dressy. Below are some of favourites you'll find online now!

You can check out there full range on-line at: http://www.freddiesofpinewood.co.uk/ . Thanks for reading and stopping by and have a great week! x

Midnight Blue Diamond Dress 

Hooded Shirt-jacket

'La Belle' Shirt Striped Shirt

Jeanies Denim Jeans

Grease Monkey Boiler Suit

21 May, 2016

Botanical Brillance

One of the things I really love to do on sunny weekends it get outdoors, visit pretty garden and walk. Being stuck indoors at work all week sometimes leaves to feeling drained and creatively uninspired so to recharge I love exploring nature, it really helps gather me thoughts and provides so much fashion and creative inspiration. From the beautiful colours, smells of all the plants and flowers, birds, wind in the trees, in bloom it come alive again. Nature, to me, is absolutely wondrous and I love that I live near so many beautiful parks, walled gardens and Victorian gardens. 

I went on a beautiful walk last weekend, what a glorious day weather wise . We visited a really pretty and picturesque Victorian walled garden. The sunshine brought the whole garden to life. All the colour, smells and sounds were bigger, brighter and bolder than before. Walking around this beautiful space and admiring all the beauty provided me with so many ideas; it's really wonderful to feel so inspired creatively and get to experience such beauty on my doorstep! The colours of all the flowers and trees, the beautiful imagery got thinking about floral accessories, prints and patterns. The perfect to reflection and homage to this wonderful season, why not wear pieces that showcase the majestic beauty of the garden?

It appears I'm not the only one looking upon the beauty around from the garden and reflecting this within fashion. I was extemely excited to see that Erstwilder have teamed up with the beautiful and super talented vintage blogger and Miss Viva Las Vegas 2015, Miss Victory Violet. Together they've created a beautiful floral collection of beautiful botanical collection of jewelry simply perfect for this season. From Fuchsia, Pansies, Forget me Not, Wisteria and Cherry Blossoms to name a few, it's got all my favourite flowers beautifully designed, I think it's one of their best collaborations and collections to date. I can't wait to get my hands on a piece from the collection. 

It's wonderful to see fashion reflecting the beauty of nature and the seasons. It's so important to be in touch with your environment, plant life and nature all around you. Pretty Lanes Original Swiss Vintage reproduction company creates beautiful vintage inspired pieces with strong floral influences in their designs which I absolutely adore of late. Their 3D Daisy pin tuck blouse is a favourite of mine, along with many other pieces from their collection modeled by the stunning, Idda Van Munster.  Both of these pieces are the perfect ode to Spring...nothing reflects the season more than pretty little daisies, perfect print or accessory to showcase spring!

Visit your local botanical gardens, parks or take a walk around your local area if you haven't already and you'll be so pleasantly surprised by all the beauty that surrounds you. From sweet windows boxes to large scale gardens we can all create and appreciate nature however big or small the space or budget you have. It's the same with fashion you don't need to spend a lot or anything to enjoy...it's free to go to most gardens, park and enjoy the outdoors. To be more eco and budget friendly visit your local thrift stores and charity shops, I always find hidden gems. For more nature and fashion inspiration visit me and follow on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter where I post my daily looks and adventures. Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend. 

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