30 January, 2017

My Lush Everyday Skincare Staples!

I've been using Lush products for nearly two years and my skin has reaped the benefits.  After searching forever to find products that wouldn't irritate my skin I decided to give Lush skincare a try on a friends recommendation and it was the best advice! I have very sensitive and often dry skin, especially in winter so it's hard for me to use products with alcohol or regular pharmacy (drugstore) brands as they have the most have a terrible effect on my skin rather than relieving it. I can genuinely say since using Lush skincare I've hardly had any problems which is the only reason I'm recommending some of my favourites. With some many products to choose from it can be a bit overwhelming to know what to get if you've not shopped at Lush before so I wanted to share some of the products that I use everyday. 

Rosy Cheeks Fresh Face Mask
For winter I like to use face masks that are extremely hydrating to combat the dryness. Lush have some beautiful fresh face masks that are perfect for dried out winter worn skin. My favourite this winter has been the Rosy Cheeks fresh face mask. It has the most beautiful rose fragrance, it reminds me of the scent of the old English roses in my garden back home. The mask has an very creamy thick, rich consistency. Don't be afraid to apply a really generous amount to your skin. I like to put it on after having a warm shower and then just sit and relax while it dries. My skin always feels baby soft after using this mask and smells amazing too so this mask is a definite favourite which I'd recommend you try.

9 to 5 Cleanser
To cleanse my skin I always use Lush's 9 to 5 cleanser, it's very light, soft in fragrance and removes make-up perfectly without feeling too heavy on my skin. I find it excellent for removing eye make-up. I always rub it into my skin with clean hands and rub my eye area to soften and remove make-up then by this point looking like a panda, using two damp cotton pads I gently place them on my eyes and pat them and leave on for about a minute then gently rub off my eye make-up in one gentle swipe. Then I use damp cotton pads to remove the rest of the make-up from my face. For an extra deep cleanse I use of cleansing brush so it gets deeper into my pores, usually once or twice a week depending on how my skin is. I bought my cleansing brush from Primark and I think it was only £1.50 so it's nothing fancy but really helps give you a deep cleanse. They are readily available and varying price so I'd suggest picking one up or if you lots of money you can by a fancy electric one, I can't recommend them as I've never tried one!

Tea Tree Water Toner
To tone my skin I always use the Tea Tree Water, it's really refreshing and the tea tree acts as an antibacterial to keep break outs to a minimum which is why I always use this toner in particular. As it's a light water diffused spray you can use it at any time aside from using it as part of daily facial routine, it great just to spray on to refresh your skin at any time. I find it really good when traveling, a few sprays and yours skin instantly feels clean and hydrated another reason I love this product. It's also great as well for oily or acne prone skin as well as sensitive skin because of it's disinfectant qualities. You can use it as liberally as you like to cleanse or tone your skin whenever you need it, so it's a must have for me.

Cosmetic Lad Facial Moisturiser
Next up, my favourite moisturiser, Cosmetic Lad. It's light, again very hydrating but not too thick so it doesn't clog up my skin. I use this at least one or twice a day and it is the perfect base under foundation; make sure you let it dry into your skin before applying your foundation and your make-up will set beautifully once your skin is perfectly hydrated. I love this moisturiser as it has a very soft fragrance, barely even noticeable. I like this moisturiser for everyday wear and dries really quickly once you apply it, leaving your skin feeling soft and silky. A definite winner and one that I use all year round. It can also be used by your other half for shaving, so keep it well hidden if you don't want them to use it all up!

Santa Baby Lip Scrub
Chapped lips are a winter pest, I like to wear lipstick most days but there's nothing more unsightly than dry, pealing chapped lips with lipstick which is why I started using Lush's lip scrubs. I get extremely dry lips in the colder months and I have to say I find it fantastic since I started using it. I treated myself to Santa Baby at Christmas and I use it as needed, usually once or twice a week and it's the best! It's quite a thick sugar scrub so it really exfoliates all the dry skin away, smells amazing and it's edible too, it tastes like Cola! This particular scrub is of course only available for Christmas but they have lots of different flavours to chose from which I'm going to try once this run outs. You only need to use the smallest amount as it really goes a long way too which makes it good value. I'd highly recommend the lip scrubs for winter months or all year round to keep your pout perfect!

These are just some of my everyday favourites, let me know what your thoughts are on Lush, your experiences...? I'd love to visit a Lush spa and I'm wondering if it's worth it, would love to hear from anyone that's been? I'd love to know what your favourite products are as I'm always looking out for new stuff to try. Oh and I forgot to mention for anyone that doesn't know if you bring back 5 black pots as shown you'll get a free fresh face mask o your choice which is how I got my last face mask. It's a really good idea and nice to see a company encouraging customers to be more environmentally friendly and you get a treat. Anyway, hope you enjoyed this post and see you next time! 

*FYI - None of the this post is affiliated with Lush or sponsored by the company it's simply products that I use and would recommend. All photo's copyright of Lush UK website.

Have a good week!

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