30 May, 2016

Freddies Of Pinewood

Freddies of Pinewood is an English based company specialising in 1940's - 1950's style denim but they now design have a wide selection of other retro inspired items including vintage mens and women's inspired tops, dresses, accessories, menswear, jackets and more. The Freddies of Pinewood designs stay very true to the original style of the denim worn in the 1940's and 50's which means they are all high waisted with a comfortable looser fit unlike the modern designs most of us are used to! 

The brand is extremely popular with retro enthusiasts, vintage lovers and women that like classic style but their not exclusive to a certain style design is can still be worn the fit and designs of Freddies denim jeans are far more flattering to any size when compared with the modern standard denim wear as they sit just above the waist rather than hanging on your hips so the jeans give you an instant curves and really do look very flattering as they fall on the narrow part of your waist. Instead the fit of the Freddies denim takes the focus away from your hips and accentuates your waist which will also instantly give you more of an hourglass shape and looks sexier which is always a plus! They're definitely worth checking out if you want something a little different than what's available from your average high street store or even if you're looking for casual wear with a more flattering vintage style fit. 

When I bought my first pair I instantly fell in love with the cut and the quality of the denim it's practically indestructible. It's so heavy which is fantastic as you're guaranteed to have them for years, so for me it's worth the investment! I want to get another pair; I love these the new fifties button up jeans that are new to their denim collection. Their clothes are ideal for the creating the perfect retro casual look without being too dramatic or dressy. Below are some of favourites you'll find online now!

You can check out there full range on-line at: http://www.freddiesofpinewood.co.uk/ . Thanks for reading and stopping by and have a great week! x

Midnight Blue Diamond Dress 

Hooded Shirt-jacket

'La Belle' Shirt Striped Shirt

Jeanies Denim Jeans

Grease Monkey Boiler Suit

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