16 April, 2016

Caroline Hussey Designs

I recently did a photo-shoot wearing some beautiful pieces designed by my amazing friend and talented designer, Caroline Hussey. It was a really exciting project, a pleasure to model such wonderful work. Contemporary, classic with urban influences is how I would describe Caroline's jewellery but that doesn't do her designs justice by any means. They have to be seen and held in your hand to appreciate her work. The craftsmanship, attention to detail and uniqueness of her designs is second to none.  

The pieces I choose to wear for this shoot were (as shown) a divine vivid green brooch and chunky ring as worn throughout. I cannot wait to get my hands on more of her designs. I absolutely adore wearing Caroline's designs, my whole aesthetic changes and I think this shows in this shoot. My love of pin-up and vintage juxtaposed with the ultra modern and contemporary designs works really well together. We have very different styles but when we begin to mix things up it starts to get interesting, which really excites me creatively.

Continually homing her craft and producing new and interesting pieces of wearable art and that is the best way I can summarize her work. She began as painter and is now a jewellery designer, someone with artist vision and excellent eye for design. Each piece is unique and produce by hand which in a world of mass production is something to be celebrated and supported.

To find out more about the designer you can follow Caroline's work, loves and creative endeavors on her awesome blog, Aurochs. If you want to know more about events or details of Caroline's work than get in touch by commenting below or through Facebook and Twitter and I'll send you details! 

All photographs taken by Dariusz of XO Photography. 
Hair, make-up and styling all by me. 

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