28 February, 2016

Seductress Style

Designer Micheline Pitt models Deadly Dames Capsule Collection
from Pinup Girl Clothing. Faux leather dress and bolero
Seductress style is inspired by classic icons, movies and fashion from 30's, 40's and 50's; harking back to a time when glamour was at it's height. Form fitting suits, dresses, minimal accessories acting as the perfect accent to complete the look. Minimal patterns, textures and colours - black, white, red, beige, leopard print, tweed and leather are my favourites for this look you, it's about keeping it simple yet seductive.

Seductress style is about confidence and classic style; embracing your femininity and most importantly enjoying fashion! Any of the women that capture seductress style, to me, appear effortlessly beautifully yet perfectly groomed which is no mean feat! The key is not to look as though you've tried too hard to create any look! Don't to go too over-the-top with accessories, let the clothes do the talking! Hair and make-up should be kept classic with red lips and cateye for the final touches to create the look.

Von 50's Vintage Vintage Inspired 'Vogue Suit'
Key pieces are essential to create and maintain ultra chic seductress style. If you don't have already you should considering investing in the following pieces for the perfect look; a form fitting black dress, pencil skirt, trench coat, vintage or retro inspired suit or dress. leather or pleather (faux leather) skirt or dress, black stiletto heels. 

I've found some incredible items at some of my favourite brands visit Pinup Girl Clothing, Von 50's, YakuboWitch, The House of Foxy, Lindy Bop, Revival Retro, The Seamstress of Bloomsbury, Trashy Diva, Deadly is the Female, Dorothea's Closet Vintage, Rusty Zipper, Posh Girl VintageFor accessories it's worth investing in some vintage scarves, cat eye glasses, brooch, long gloves or black hat. Check out Ruby Lane, Etsy, La Palais Vintage, eBay, Just One Eye, Gaspar Gloves, Mod Cloth, Collectif, The Vintage Optical Shop, Retro Peepers and Rock My Vintage.

YakuboWitch Trench Coat
For the final touches for hair and make you can find wonderful tutorials on YouTube for creating vintage hair and make-up if you're not already confident in how to create your own look to compliment vintage inspired seductress style. I recommend checking out the following ladies whom I regularly watch for styling ideas and inspiration. Visit: The Cherry Dollface, A Vintage Vanity, Classic Retro Glamour, Lisa Freemont Street, Miss Victory Violet, Hollywood Nior Make-up and these are just a couple that I'm follow...their a thousands more wonderful tutorials to get tips and tricks! I'll be doing a separate post on film noir inspired make-up and hair coming soon and where to buy all the products to create the look.

Check out any of the stores I mentioned earlier for lots of style inspiration and many fabulous vintage and vintage inspired clothing and accessories. It's always worth having a look in your local charity shops or thrift stores as well as you don't need to spend a lot of money to create any look, rather it's how you wear it. It's worth having key pieces in our wardrobe and from that you can create any look with the right accessories but you can do it on a very small budget. I've found some amazing vintage clothes and accessories for next to nothing in charity shop and high street stores so I'd encourage you to take a look if you don't want to spend a lot or love a bargain find! Hope you enjoyed this post and don't forget to like, follow and subscribe! You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Bloglovin and Google + ; have a great week and thanks for stopping by ♥

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