10 October, 2014

♡ Miss Mole ♡

If you don't already know Miss-Mole.de online store than this one website you'll want to visit. The German based online store is a treasure trove for every girl that loves a bit of retro in their life! Stocking everything from handbags, homeware, swimwear, jackets, dresses, trousers, playsuits, accessories and more... it's literally a one stop shop!  The only thing you won't find are shoes but you can forgive them on that count as literally they have everything else that you could possible need to create a super cute retro/pin-up inspired look! You have to start out with out lingerie and What Katie Did is always a favourite and Miss Mole stock their brand, modelled left by the stunning American pinup Ashletta who also works   in their US store. I'm going of track already but I had to share this girdle it's top of my wishlist for birthday/Christmas but back to Miss Mole!

Eternity dress €59.90
Housing many loved well known retro inspired brands such as Collectif Clothing, Miss Candyfloss, Miss Fortune, Banned Clothing, 20th Century Foxy, Glamour Bunny, Pinup Girl Clothing, What Katie Did to name a few! This is what first struck me when I found the store, the fact that there are so many wonderful brands I love in one place. Pages and pages of super cute clothing, I was instantly hooked! With the new new season arrived, it means lots of new autumn/winter collections online and I've already found lots of pretty things that I want. It's the perfect time to get some pretty pieces to add to your winter wardrobe, well that's my excuse anyway; party season is around the corner! I had to feature some of my favourites that I found that are currently available on their website which are definitely on my wishlist! I adore this beautiful rose print cocktail dress, perfect for a Christmas party or for cocktails. I love the sweetheart neck and the belted waist, it's so elegant. I have cocktails gloves that I would pair it with and some slingback heels .

Shonna Coat €119.90
Of course, to wear that beautiful dress, I'd need an equally beautiful coat and of course they have the one of my dreams...! This red coat with faux fur cuffs and collar, its ideal. The shape is perfect with the faux fur collar falling just above the waistline and then in nips in with the double buttons on the waist adding shape rather then that horrible shapeless box style which you see everywhere at the moment. It's perfect as it's not a straight cut which is essential for wearing a pretty dress for winter without looking the least bit frumpy! I'm in love with anything red lately and especially for winter; it's dull and dark enough throughout the season so you need to add some extra brightness and this coat it ticks all the right boxes, warm, glamourous and ultra chic. Anything with faux fur is a winner in my book and gives any look an instant vintage feel which is usually what I am for! There are many other beautiful coats on their website but this one was by far a favourite. I'm hoping Santa will be good this year and bring me this coat, I can just picture all the pretty things I could wear it with. It would look great with boots, a simple black dress, leather gloves and I'd maybe add a brooch on the front too just to add an extra touch of glamour!

Underbust Gridle €79.90
Of course no wishlist is complete nor retro look without beautiful lingerie. If you're going to wear a beautiful dress you should always try and wear the right underwear. Girdles and corsets do wonders for adding and emphasising curves and giving you perfect posture to look the picture of elegance! This lux girdle is from  What Katie Did which is a well estsblished UK vintage reproduction lingerie brand who produce beautiful undergarments which Miss Mole stock too! Modelled left by the stunning American pinup Ashletta who also works  in their US store and has amazing retro style. I love following all  the modern pinup ladies as a lover vintage inspired style! I'm going to be sharing lots more wishlist and gift inspiration in the coming weeks leading up to Christmas and I know it's not even past Halloween yet but it won't be long...!  You'll find Miss Mole online store clicking on the link below: http://www.missmole.de and you'll see what all the fuss is about!! Don't forgot you can check out all the latest news or style inspiration from The Chic Guide also on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and please comment, like and share! Thank you for stopping by to visit.


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