10 January, 2016

♡♥♡ Lindy Bop Lover ♡♥♡

Lindy Bop is fast becoming one of my favourite brands of late and with the selection of beautiful vintage inspired clothing at such reasonable prices I'm hooked! If you haven't heard of this brand before now, go visit you'll love it! Specialising in vintage inspired styles, the store is however very versatile in terms of any of their pieces can be styled. I featured Lindy Bop on The Chic Guide blog in a photoshoot last year in 'Cast a Dark Shadow'  which was shot at Glasgow Necropolis but I wanted to do a piece specifically focusing in the brand. For the photoshoot I wore my first Lindy Bop dress which you can still pick up on their website on sale! I am very narrow up top and curvier bottom I found the really good and would recommend vintage reproduction if you're looking for clothing that fits really well.

Whilst Lindy Bop is a vintage inspired brand,  their clothing work really well restyled with a modern edge; I genuinely think anything vintage or vintage inspired can be reworked to suit anyone. This applies to clothing in general though, don't be afraid to mix era's or styles to create something unique. I always gravitate towards vintage or vintage inspired as it suits my personal style and figure. I'm always on the hunt for items inspired by vintage or vintage as it's what I'm most comfortable in.

The price, quality and fit of their clothing makes me return store time and time again. It's excellent for inexpensive yet classic vintage inspired pieces. This year the brand has grown their collection extensively, expanding their range to separates, vintage accessories, knitwear, petticoats, nightwear and wonderful prints. The Lindy Bop collection this Christmas was absolutely wonderful, I got the Alpine 'Gilda'' dress which has the cutest alpine scene print on the broader of the dress. It was too sweet for words, I'll be wearing it again next year for the holiday season! Check out my Instagram to view the dress if you are there or check out my first of 2016! 

Here are some my January sale purchases from the Lindy Bop website along with some other tops; I'm really looking forward to shooting in some of these pieces very soon! I wanted a red pencil skirt for a while and some tops so I was happy to grab some cute bargains, oh and I decided to get a bargain dress as well! They have a great sale on at the moment so if you're looking for something cute I'd check out Lindy Bop website to snag a bargain too! 

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