29 January, 2015

Top Ten favourite retro style high waist capri's and jeans

I adore high waist capri pants and retro style jeans, there a must have for anyone that loves a more vintage inspired look. I wanted to share some of my favourites and where to buy the best on the market. They're a great alternative for those of us who don't live in warmer climates to wearing a skirt or dress if it's a little bit chilly outside. So here are my top ten must haves and where to purchase them. Enjoy!

No. 1 of course has to be Bernie Dexter 'siren Capri pants', which are one of the very best retro style capri pants available. She designs for herself and her customers, so when it comes to quality she's a perfectionist. She's stated in the past that she was looking for the perfect pair of capri's and couldn't find them so she decided to create her own! Bernie has many varying capri styles available from Bernie Dexter.com, however the dark denim siren capri's are a personal favourite! You can purchase them from number of stores and online available from US and Europe. Bernie Dexter's Capri Pants are the my absolute favourite without a doubt!

Sex Kitten Capri's
No. 2 is tarantula clothing 'sex kitten capri' in denim, I adore this clothing company and the retro inspired designs. Their capri pants are world famous original and one of their best selling items. All the fabrics used are hand sourced, most are on of kind. They have many more super hot rockabilly and vintage inspired pieces, so go check them out, I also love the capri playsuits; their on my wishlist for this summer! You can purchase the capri pants featured here now from: TarantulaClothing.com

No. 3 is the Laura Byrnes Black Label high Waist Capri pants in black. The black label is another excellent line from Pin-upGirl Clothing. The company has grown into one of the leading vintage inspired brands worldwide. I love the black capri pants as there so ultra chic and great for a more grown up and sophisticated vintage inspired Audrey Hepburn style classic look, you can't go wrong with this type of style. Visit Pin-up Girl Clothing and check out all their amazing designs.
No. 4 has to be the fun Deadly Dames tiger capri pants. The Dead Dames line is by Micheline Pitt of Pin-Up Girl Clothing. I don't know if these are still available to purchase sadly but they do come in an array of other wonderful colours and designs from the Deadly Dames line which you'll find at Pinup Girl Clothing also. You can find our more information about her on facebook and she also recently started a youtube channel all about how to create vintage inspired looks which I watched and really liked. She knows how to make women look and feel good! These capri are seriously foxy, unique and make for a really fun rockabilly, pin-up, psychobilly look. 
No. 5 is 20th CenturyFoxy red high waist capri; I really adore pin-up inspired delights! The cut, the perfect lipstick red colour and the price,  all make these pants an excellent buy. There great for everyday wear but the wonderful high waist emphasis your curves in all the right places, giving a wonderful shape which is a must for any pin-up, rockabilly or vintage style look. They are available from: 20thCenturyFoxy
Freddies of Pinewood Jeans

No. 6 Freddies of Pinewood are always a favourite of mine. The brand always delivers such great quality designs, with their classic take on vintage inspired denim. Staying true to the classic 1940's, 1950's style denims. They have a wide range of jeans, capri's and other clothing and accessories available from: Freddies of Pinewood to help create the perfect vintage look. They are even a favourite Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway, so go and check them out now! 

No. 7 Punky Pin-ups black capri pants are a great little store on Esty which I found while hunting online for retro and reproduction vintage clothing and I fell in love with their clothes. Ran by two friends who decided to create pin-up style clothing and combined with over 20 years experience they developed Punky Pin-ups. I am across them while browsing the site and I instantly loved their vintage inspired designs and I know you will too! So check them out, these capri's are available from Esty at Punky Pin-up Store now.

No. 8 Is a little independent store I also found on Esty called Hola Chica! Full of rockabilly inspired delights I instantly fell in love with this store. I love these high pants and they even have them in leopard print, amazing!  I would definetly recommend visiting their store and grabbing a pair of their capri's before they sell out! Perfect for Spring or a summer festival, I love their designs.

Diablo Rose in Lady K Loves Jeans
No. 9 Lady K Loves Classic Jeans instantly caught my eye. I love the high waist and the fit of these jeans; they look really flattering on any shape. They look great dressed up or down. Can buy them at Lady K Loves now. I found this wonderful photo of Diablo Rose, the beautiful pin-up model and stylist. Check out her hair tutorials and follow her, she always has to most amazing hair! 

No.10 Finally, last but not least, is the Vivien of Holloway 1950's style jeans; I really love their denims as well! Ideal for summer with a cute top or for winter with a vintage leather jacket and biker boots of a cool rockabilly look. You can purchase their fab denims direct from the  Vivien of Holloway website and swoon over all the beautiful dress too!

Hope this helps you find your perfect pair of capris and let me know which one are your favourite! Have a great weekend and stay chic!

Lots of love xxx

07 January, 2015

Beauty on a budget!

Everyday Budget Essenand ls
I love budget buys, I always have and when it comes to make-up there are some really great bargain buys out there and I wanted to share what I currently use. Don't get me wrong if I had the money make-up is something I would invest in more but at the moment I trying to cut back at the moment but without having to sacrifice on the things I love to the best way is budget buys! I pretty much wear make-up everyday, unless I'm ill or a just completely disorganised or forgot to bring my make-up somewhere with me which I hate when that happens.  I love make-up and enjoy creating different looks and changing my look and given I wear make-up all the time I am always looking for good products and I wanted to recommend the products that I use everyday and even better there really well priced if not an absolute bargain! This is the first time I've done a make-up post and I thought it was fitting to start with my make-up and what I currently use to recreate my everyday and evening make-up looks so I hope you like it and let me know if you tried and tested any other good budget brands as I'm always on the lookout for new things to try!  Anyway back to my budget makeup essentials...!  I will go through my current budget makeup buys in the order I apply them to my face so that I don't forget anything! I've just taken photo's of everything I currently use so excuse the messiness of it, it's just because there all products lying in my make-up and I bring make-up with me everywhere so they get a bit worn looking! The make-up I'm showing you is what I have for my work/everyday make-up it's very low budget and easy to purchase in any local pharmacy or drugstore. 

I always have to pencil in my eyebrows and I've been using Rimmel pencil in black for as long as I can remember, I have Rimmel brow pencils with me at all times!!! I find this eyebrow pencil honestly really good, it doesn't come off or smudge and works really well for me. I'm not a fan of using shadows for creating brows or other methods but I may just not have stumbled accross the right one as yet but to be honest the pencil is what I always have used and the shade is just right to match my hair colour and eyes so and I'm fussy about my brows so I'll probably just stick with what I always use. I plan to test other products in the coming months so I'll keep you posted! I often get asked who does my brows or what products I use and honestly it takes me less than 5 minutes to use a pencil and once you get used of filling in your brows it becomes like second nature, same with lining your upper lids! It's worth experimenting as different methods suit certain people and depending on who experienced you are with using brow pencils they can look pretty harsh if you apply to thickly or draw a hard line where your brow should be, we've all seen those disasters so I would say practice at home and dont over pluck only stray hair and preferrably leave your eyebrows as natural as possible if you can as otherwise you face a lifetime of trying to draw them back on and believe it takes practice in order for your brows shape to look good and that they look semi-natural!

Eyeshadow are difficult budget buys as more often than not the don't stick very well, there not that pigmented or the quality if just not that great. There are the one thing that in many cases it justified when it comes to spending a bit more on as it usually is worth the money but invest in a good primer too and you get even better value as you won't have to keep layer on the shadow even with the cheaper brands. Collection 2000 is probably a brand that most people wouldn't consider buying if they're over 22 but I've got to say their eyeshadow palettes which I bought are pretty good for a couple of reasons. The colours for the Smokey Eye and Nude palette are great, with three lighter, medium and darker shades to chose from which also includes a cream highlighter, applicator brush all for under £4.00! The texture and pigment is very good as well for a cheaper buy, it goes on well, blends nicely and you don't need to use a ton of it for a pretty look. I would recommend them and I've been using them regularly and I've been really happy with this product so if you're looking for a bargain eyeshadow for everyday, I would suggest trying these out! I also really like the eyeshadow palettes from H&M and I use the white pearl shadow.

I couldn't live without eyeliner and mascara, at this stage I feel naked without having at least one or the other one but preferably both at all times! These are definitely two essentials that every girl should have her make-up bag or kit! I'm currently using Rimmel Gel Liner in Black and Extra 3D lash also from Rimmel in Black. Both are very good and too be honest I've always used Rimmel mascara, it doesn't irritate my eyes and it makes my lashes look really long and thick so I've never thought to buy anything. I've tried other expensive brands but I always return to the old faithful Rimmel mascara as I can honestly say I found it the best I tried so far! The gel liner is good but the brush not so much, if you were not used on putting on liner the brush is very thick so it could get very messy so my advice is buy a better brush which I currently searching for a good one! I always used liquid liners but I've found they don't last as long and the colour is never black enough so that's why I've moved onto gel liner and I have to say it is much better for what I was looking for and last all day without having to top up your liner which can be really annoying. I will share tips on applying all liners well more so how I apply them along with other makeup tips and looks in the coming months for those of you that need a little extra guidance along the way!

The current foundation I use is also from Rimmel in Light Porcelain as I always go a couple of shades lighter for winter as don't get to see any pretty much any sun so my skin goes a lot lighter and I like the look of extremely pale skin at the moment against dark hair and plum lips which is usually my make-up look but I do like red and pink shades but more so in the summer, I'm not mad on wearing colour during the wint I wear foundation everyday or if I do I tend to only use it in certain areas of my face that need covering like under my eyes, cheeks or chin as I can get discolouration in those areas. I mainly only use foundation if I'm going somewhere fancy like a party or a special occasion as I don't like the feeling of lots of heavy foundation on my skin and I don't think it's good to wear everyday if you don't necessarily need it. If I am going out or for photo's I wear foundation, pressed powder and blusher. My budget pressed powder is from Collection 2000 and I recently got Matte Perfect from MUA to try out but I haven't opened it yet, along with a powder highlighter so I'm hoping they will be good as they were really inexpensive. For blusher I tend to use a pink cream blush or an orange shade both from cheaper brands but I can't remember where from as the labeling has faded but I'm sure they are from one of the brands I've already mentioned!
For my lipstick lately I love to wear very dark plum shades, especially in the winter months. I have found a real gem but it's actually a lip-liner pencil but works wonderfully as a lipstick and holds perfectly all night and it's again it's by Collection 2000. The Shade is called Damson in No.5 and it's amazing, the amount of compliments I get when I wear this lip-liner and it cost less than £3, it's crazy! It applies extremely dark in a beautiful wine shade and perfectly matte too for a more vintage feel which I love. I always apply it liberally and it will pretty much last all evening, even if I've had drinks, food and it's great if you're a red wine lover like me it hides the stained lips!!! I would 100 recommend this and have don't think it can be beaten when it comes to price, the quality and the colour is perfect. There are lots of reasonable budget lipsticks I've even tested the ones from Primark where I got a super Barbie pink lipstick which is great during the summer and it literally doesn't come off, you need make-up remover to get it off! I really like Sephora home brand makeup too which I also have a beautiful plum lipstick and I adore there stuff it's just a shame you can't get this brand in the UK. I'll be buying more shades as I just had a massive clear out so I'll be recommended more very soon!  There will be lots more make-up brand reviews, looks, tips and guides and how to's coming soon featuring lots more brands, vintage and pinup makeup. I will also be creating some super simple vintage and everyday hair styles to give you inspiration. Along with hair accessories and much more fashion, lifestyle, interview and exciting features... Why not visit The Chic Guide on Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram and follow The Chic Guide here on blogger so you can keep up-to-date. 

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

01 January, 2015

★ The New Year is here! ★

Welcome and the very best wishes for 2015 to all my lovely readers. I'm not going to write about what an outstanding year 2014 was a to be honest it was not my finest but there's no point in looking back on what could have, should have or may have bern done. Time moves constantly forward and that's my philosophy for 2015, plan ahead, keep forging on with my plans and don't look back upon what I don't have, should have had or what could have been that just holds you back from living. From tomorrow you can expect weekly blog posts however large or small on retro, fashion, beauty, interviews and features. I may even document some crafts and recipes.

I will finally be shooting a lot more fashion and hair & beauty that us can use for inspiration and so I can share my style,  the brands I love and where to shop. There will collaborations with various artists and shops so watch out for giveaways and fashion delights humbly modelled by none other than me! Fashion is something I think about everyday, of course there are many days where I don't get completely glammed up. I work a 9-5 job so we all have days when you wake up too late to care but I enjoy admiring other people style and styling which I want to do a lot more of in the year to come.

I'm excited about the many projects that are in the pipeline and hope you enjoy reading, viewing and most importantly please comment and feel free to interact and email me if there is anything that you would like to see or have featured on The Chic Guide Blog and social media. I would love to hear from you and genuinely love finding new and interesting things, meeting people that share my passion for vintage, glamour, retro style, art, music, films...etc so please do get in touch and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

On that note I just want to say from the bottom of my little heart I hope 2015 is a wonderful year for you, family and friends. It's not easy for a lot of people over the holidays who have lost loved ones, those away from their families and many who have no home or family and for that reason I think we should all be extremely thankful for what we have and be kind and generous to those we love. Now enough of the cheesiness from me, I'm far too sentimental these days!

Enjoy the last festivities of the season and for those that don't celebrate Christmas I hope you've had an amazing break too. I'm not in the least bit religious but I absolutely love decorating my house for Christmas, feasting and buying gifts for everyone I love. Anyway hope you've had a good year and here's to an even brighter one to come.

Lots of love,


♡ ♡ ♡
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